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wifiHow to catch neighbors who steal your Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi devices tend to get disconnected from the network on a regular basis, one of your neighbors may be a Wi-Fi thief. Read this article to discover how to catch him, and then kick him out of your wireless network for good.


online privacyHow to maintain your anonymity online

Did you know that advanced hackers are now able to run large-scale attacks, stealing precious data from huge corporations and even government entities? Find out how to stay safe online by applying these simple tips.


malwareHow to protect your devices from malware

Malware is everywhere, starting with unwanted pop-ups which fill the entire screens of our mobile devices and moving on to deadly ransomware, which make people lose access to all the data that's stored on their hard drives. There are several steps that you can take to protect yourself, though.


programmingHow to get a great career as a programmer

Getting a high paid programming job is easier than ever, especially for talented coders. Find out why this may be the ideal career for you, and then discover the most popular programming languages.


linuxHow to install the best Linux distributions

Did you know that there are almost 300 active Linux distributions? Fortunately, I have reviewed the most popular ones for you, presenting their pros and cons.


officeHow to find alternatives to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is here to stay, but this doesn't mean that budget-conscious users can't find inexpensive Office alternatives. Discover three options that are 100% free.