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programmingHow to get a great career as a programmer

Programming can be hard. Really, really hard. It's a job that requires focus, patience, adaptability, creativity and a great attention to detail. However, programming will also help you start thinking in a structured way, and this will improve lots of aspects of your life, making it easier overall.

Coders have amazing career opportunities, because there are lots of well-paid jobs for them. The world needs programmers in larger and larger numbers, and yet very few people have the audacity to pursue this career. It's not a surprise that lots of programmers launch their own projects, and then continue to run their own businesses, or sell the results of their work for hefty amounts of money.

This explains why talented programmers can pick their own working hours, and sometimes even salaries! A coder who can write amazing applications fast is often allowed to work from home, because his or her presence is not required in the office.

So, getting a career as a programmer is a fantastic idea. Not all programming languages are created equal, though. Some of them can be used to create desktop-based applications, while others have been built with web services in mind.

Ideally, you should choose to learn a programming language that will help you earn a high salary. You want to go for one that's very popular, thus making sure that there are lots of job openings in the field. Some programming languages come and go, while others have stood the test of time. Therefore, you should learn to code using a language that will be in demand in the future as well. Finally, choose a programming language that is pleasant to work with. Simply look up a basic programming example in several different languages, and then examine the syntax that's being used for each code snippet.

Here are the best programming languages of the moment.

1. JavaScript is the most popular language for web-based applications. It's got lots of fully featured front-end frameworks, which allow programmers to create complex programs without sacrificing their efficiency. Choose this programming language if you want to learn how to build interactive web projects.

2. Java may look like JavaScript, but it's an entirely different programming language. It utilizes Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), and this allows its code to run fine on a great variety of hardware devices. This programming language is heavily used by many Fortune 500 companies, so people who learn it are guaranteed to get a well-paid job.

3. If you are interested in learning a general-purpose programming language, which can create both desktop-based software and web applications, Python may be the perfect solution. This language is used by lots of big companies, and its simplicity makes is really easy to learn. Lots of developers have built powerful web development frameworks, which make working with Python a breeze.

4. C++ is a very powerful programming language, which can create applications that run really fast. It's the perfect task for performance-intensive, desktop-based software. It's not that easy to learn, but it's always been in the top 3 most sought-after programming languages.

5. Ruby is very popular amongst beginners to programming, mostly because of its user-friendliness. As you can guess, it's a high-level language, and this reduces its speed. Nevertheless, lots of people learn it as their first programming language, and this is a great idea.

Getting a career as a programmer isn't always easy. Nevertheless, if you take the time to study an easy to understand programming language, such as Ruby or Python, you will quickly find out if you should pursue this career path or not.